America strong and we stand united in this fight against Covid-19

“As clinicians, promoting empathy, mutual respect, inclusion, and equality can be as important as accurate communication, diagnosis, and treatment. COVID-19 presents an opportunity for us to rise to the challenge on all of these fronts and to reaffirm that our best chance to stand against a global threat is together, united in solidarity.”

COVID-19 presents a major medical and public health challenge for the global community, with a looming but unknown mortality risk understandably creating fear, uncertainty, and panic among groups around the world. Unfortunately, its emergence has been accompanied by another “viral epidemic”: anti-Asian racism and discrimination. As Asian American physicians, we are deeply concerned about the consequences of this parallel epidemic.

Choi, E. et al. Annals of Internal Medicine. (2020) taken 3/27/20

2 thoughts on “America strong and we stand united in this fight against Covid-19

  1. At the risk of sounding political, we have a void in leadership. The same person who erased the National Security Council office designed to manage pandemic threats also fails to speak out on racism, and that allows various lowlifes to fill the vacuum.

    Yes, crises can be times of unification, when there are people around like a Lincoln, Roosevelt or Churchill to help pull people together. In small groups, such leadership may not be needed. Neighborhoods can pull together in a flood or blizzard. But on a large scale, leadership is probably essential.

    • Mr Crain, I agree that there is a paucity of leadership During this most dangerous of times. The xenophobia throughout the country is despicable and must be admonished at all levels. I once heard “think globally but work locally” which makes good sense now. Our Governors here in MA and in Michigan have been the subject to degrading presidential tweets That I find abhorrent.

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