“Long haul cognitive effects of Covid-19” in those who have “recovered” Live zoom presentation by Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital – it was a lively event.


Thanks for those of you who signed on the last night’s webinar.  The Zoom presentation will be available at the Whittier Health website in the next couple weeks if interested. As we learned, even patients’ with mild infection can experience long lasting cognitive impact from the Covid-19 virus in the areas of memory, concentration, mental endurance, organization and verbal expression. There are mental health concerns as well that should not be overlooked.  Recovery from the virus can take weeks to months after the termination of treatment.  

The presentation on the impact of cognitive and behavioral functioning on ‘long haul’ cases is somewhat concerning given the 32 million Americans who have suffered with the virus. This is the second in a series produced by WRH and follows the November 2020 presentation on the psychological impact of the disease.  We will have a post here on the discussion from the webinar in the coming days.  The early studies have shown data from the population in Italy who have recovered from the virus in the first wave of the pandemic.

America strong and we stand united in this fight against Covid-19

“As clinicians, promoting empathy, mutual respect, inclusion, and equality can be as important as accurate communication, diagnosis, and treatment. COVID-19 presents an opportunity for us to rise to the challenge on all of these fronts and to reaffirm that our best chance to stand against a global threat is together, united in solidarity.”

COVID-19 presents a major medical and public health challenge for the global community, with a looming but unknown mortality risk understandably creating fear, uncertainty, and panic among groups around the world. Unfortunately, its emergence has been accompanied by another “viral epidemic”: anti-Asian racism and discrimination. As Asian American physicians, we are deeply concerned about the consequences of this parallel epidemic.

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