“Whether or not…

“Whether or not a student receives support on an education plan has no bearing on the kind of support they might need when they return to school after a concussion” Michael Sefton, Ph.D. Director of Neuropsychology – Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital

Students who return to school following a cerbral concussion often require specialized scheduling, rest breaks, reduced work load, and other individualized support.

“The underpinnings…

“The underpinnings of violence are often present in some form or another and may be represented by marginalized demeanor and extremist views and often ignored by those in the cross hairs” according to Michael Sefton, Director of Psychological Services at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westborough, MA.

This quote represents a recurring belief about the evolving coping skill of an active shooter until the very end according to M Sefton.  The terminal event is often preceeded by growing fury and red flag signs of anger.  It suggests that greater awareness by outside observers of sudden changes in mental status should be recognized along with the utilization of stopping and containment protocols and coordination of care in or out of the state correctional system.

“Just as we will…

“Just as we will not put a loaded firearm into the hands of an untrained child, so too must we guard against the unskilled, misuse of fire.”

Michael Sefton, Ph.D.

Fire safety is the responsibility of all adults. Curiosity in fire may be normal but so are many things that children cannot be allowed to use.

“Eighty percent of respondents …

“Eighty percent of respondents said they believe domestic violence is a problem, but only 15 percent think it is a problem among their friends, according to the NO MORE Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survey commissioned by the Avon Foundation for Women.” from Long Island Newsday 9-30-13

What poeple often fail to see is the subtle condescension and veiled intimidation among intimate partners that occurs right under our noses.  What can the average person do?  The research on bullying – often considered a developmental precursor to domestic violence suggests that someone needs to “speak out against the bully” and take a stand.  Does this mean we all must be our neighbor’s keeper when it comes to marital harmony and family cohesion?  Some might say yes – as uncomfortable as this makes us feel.  It is a myth among those in law enforcement that “what happens behind closed doors is not our business”.  And it is a myth when neighbors believe “they will work it out”.

There seems to be a disconnect when it comes to people we know and those with whom we have regular contact.  In truth, it is those connections that may respond best to someone saying threats and intimidation have no place in a relationship.  The best marriages share control, decision making and negotiate the rules.

“No player shou…

“No player should return to play on the same day he was injured, and no player should return to play without an individualized return-to-play care plan supervised by a brain injury specialist” Michael Sefton, Ph.D.

It is now well known that rest is the key to recovery following a sports-related concussion.  Post-injury testing is available at the Concussion Assessment and Management Program that may bring to light subtle neurocognitive signs of lingering concussion.  Athletes should be symptom free for 7-10 days prior to beginning a return-to-play plan.  Contact Dr. Sefton for assistance with managing return to play, return to school and return to work when recovering from concussion.