The force of life and the fears that go along

Another look at the mind body dialogue.  The force of life lies within our body bringing forth our human energy.  Those energy traces forge the bonds that form meaningful relationships in time and space and sustain us. The force of life starts with a tiny heart’s beating and does not stop until life’s last day when the heart no longer makes its inimitable squeeze.

The meaning of what is human is derived from the social appetence inscribed into it by mentors and those who tend to its garden from early on.  Human growth stems from a carefImageully crafted blend of biological gifts and environmental design shaped over time. This may be lost without the core ingredients and nurturing bond that nourish it.  In their absence, the vessel becomes incapable of tolerating life’s abject aloneness and may become diseased.  The heart is a muscle that does not tire and yet it must be sustained or it quickly loses it lean and supple appearance slowly requiring more energy to power its life long lub-dub, lub-dub while still perfusing the body.  Arguably, the interaction between one’s heart and one’s head is undeniable.  What we do and how we think has much to do with the health of the body and ultimately, our life force.

Finding balance

It takes time to establish the human contacts needed to trust another person and put yourself in the hands of another with complete emotional certitude.  The fundamental appetence for living is shaped by the relationships made during life.  Those relationships that nurture and sustain may extend ones years of viability.  Those relationships that suppress the normal, effusive, life force are detrimental to health much like a toxin.