Domestic Violence taking front stage in some places

There is increasing awareness of domestic violence – although one might question this statement given recent publications to the contrary. Small towns and large experience calls for help from victims of intimate partner aggression.  Actor Peter Hermann joined forces with his wife, actress Mariska Hargitay, in the PSA ads for “No More” along with more than 40 other celebrities. “No More” works with organizations like the National Domestic Violence Hotline and Break the Cycle to galvanize support and action to end domestic violence.  In December 2012, Kansas City Chiefs Lineman Jovan Belcher killed himself at the teams practice facility after murdering his girlfriend and mother of his daughter Zoey.  It is among the most hideous cases of DV that ultimately did not need to happen.  The ‘No More’ ad compaign ( hopes to bring to light these cases and provide a clear message about never keeping quiet and saying no more to domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Fathers need to talk to their sons about sexual violence and abuse.  Prosocial modeling is what is needed within families for healthy growth that included zero tolerance for physical confrontations.  Meanwhile, at times of strain parents make mistakes – nobody is perfect.  They need to take personal responsibility for their action if it includes abuse and establish a trust that plans to stop violence are in place and healing can begin.  This takes time and is successful only 50 % of the time for a number of reasons.